After Your Program

Our goal is simple: after your initial round of personal training sessions with us, we want you to continue to make progress on your own – this is why we teach you as much as possible about what you need to do, both in exercise and nutrition. Each time you step into our training studio, your time with us will always be a learning experience, not just a regular workout. In a short time, you’ll be ready to exercise without depending on a personal trainer.

Once you complete your initial round of sessions with your personal trainer, your trainer will give you an easy to follow guide and workout routine to help you get through those first couple of weeks on your own and will still be available to answer any questions you have via email. At that point, we recommend you schedule an occasional tune-up workout/meeting with your trainer to make sure that you continue to progress and reach new heights in personal fitness.

Many clients decide they enjoy the accountability and motivation that a personal trainer provides and that is okay as well, however, staying with us because you simply don’t know what to do will not be the reason you decide to continue with FORM. Our personal trainer will do everything they can to help you understand what it takes to change your body.

Ever heard the saying “Teach a man to fish“? At FORM – San Antonio, our goal is to teach you how to “fish”…

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