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Here’s an interesting fact: Less than 20% of the members of commercial health clubs and gyms in San Antonio (Bally’s, Spectrum Clubs, Gold’s Gym, Lifetime Fitness) obtain the results they desire. Most individuals have the motivation and the desire to realize their physical potential; yet, they simply don’t have the knowledge or experience necessary to do so. Your search for a personal trainer in San Antonio has ended!


  • I have been working out at Personal Fitness Revolution for almost 6 months. My trainer is Dan Mundy, and he is the best! Dan truly cares about the work that he does and the people he trains. I enjoy working with someone as dedicated to my goals as I am.

    – Teri T
  • I have been working out here for close to 4 years and I would not go anywhere else! As a woman, I really appreciate being in a safe, uncrowded and comfortable environment. You get one on one attention which helps you get the most out of your workout. They have programs to meet everyone’s needs. My trainer is Dan, who as a former chef knows how to help you with your dietary needs which gives him an edge in helping you acheive your fitness goals.

    – Kendra C
  • Just Do It!

    No, this is not another ad for Nike. If you just do what Dan says, you can achieve your desired fitness goals. From dietary/nutritional guidelines to your personalized workout routines, he keeps you motivated and on track. Work-out routines are tailored to each client’s needs, closely monitored for form and safety, and varied enough to prevent boredom.

    Been thinking about making some health and fitness changes? Call Dan Mundy. Just Do It!

    I did!

    – Susan
  • I have been training with Dan for the past year and have seen some great results. Dan took the time to take through my goals and lifestyle and tailored my program with those things in mind. Through Dan’s holistic approach of focusing on cardio, weights, core and nutrition, I have come a long way to achieving my desired goals. With Dan’s help, I was able to reduce my weight by almost 25 pounds while increasing muscle mass and I was able to decrease my BMI from 25.6% to just over 17%. If you are serious about starting a fitness program that you can stay with, I would definitely recommend using Dan to help you achieve your goals.

    – Rick